God Was Self Employed


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“God Was Self Employed delivers a familiar message in an entirely new way. Through the use of scripture, the author delivers a straightforward message to those serious about finding freedom; whether it be through entrepreneurship or in any area of their life. The energy, passion and wit of the author comes alive in a message that will capture the hearts and minds of the reader. The thoughts are electric. These words are not a paint by numbers guide; instead these are lessons the author has learned through the years and packaged into an easy to read manual, of sorts. God Was Self Employed contains universal principles written for readers of every age and all walks of life.”

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Todd McBroom is an everyday guy, except when it comes to the desire to learn and succeed. Armed with a high school diploma and an intense desire to create a lifestyle of freedom that most only dream of, he started his first business at age 17. By the age of 22 he was married, a father, broke and bankrupt. high school educated person has overcome adversity and succeeded, and in the process learned how to teach others to do so.


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